POR TI SERÉ (You Raise Me Up) IL Divo.

The client wished to paint to the song “You raise me up” by IL Divo as a commemorative piece. After some deliberation we chose the Spanish version as it seems to flow better. We decided on an abstract design inspired by a Broken Heart Pendant. The client wished for one side to be “Splashed” to the song in my usual style but the opposite side contrasting with minimal paint. “Less is more” is a tricky one to master! This Album logs a portion of the development from initial concept, final sketch to final installation in place in the clients home. 23 second clip included at the end.


Inspiration – Broken Heart Pendant
After many Iterations the final sketch design is chosen. This displays elements of the “Pop Art” Movement.
Full size cardboard Model


Primed frame & Canvas
Angle View 1
Angle View 2
Front View.
Living Room Installation