WANTED: Partners who will become an Advocate of Lanigan Abstract work. Commission paid for for each sale plus unique ongoing FREE social medial content including Live feeds promoting YOUR  business.

HOW?: Own an installation. Engage in the process. You have input into EVERYTHING.  Involve your workforce/family/friends to create YOUR story. One off payment (Business expense) Display it prominently. Recommend. Get paid. Bask in the knowledge you’ve helped someone acquire something unique. Reap the rewards of free , ongoing on-line marketing (Your business will be tagged in any any SM posts logging the process relating to your recommended clients bespoke pieces).

WHAT? The fun part. Maybe you’re inspired by a family photograph like below and want to capture a memory. Maybe you want something completely abstract that doesn’t resemble anything. This product is so flexible that taking into account some technical constraints together we can design anything. The choice is yours!

Note: Installations can also be designed concentrating purely on the aesthetic i.e. Not relating to Music.

Showjumping design taken from photograph capturing a moment in time.