"Dancing In The Sky" - Denise Scott, 2016

Denise lost her brother Niall to a RTA in 2015.
A year later we decided to undertake a commemorative Art piece. Denise wished for a butterfly shaped canvas and frame and we agreed a space envelope which to design into.
We decided to use a dried, gold painted background on the canvas with the selected colours used for the Action painting – “The Big Splash”.
For me, what makes this piece particularly special is that Denise, who isn’t a professional singer, went into a recording studio (Which I also had the privilege of witnessing) and recorded “Dancing in the sky.” for me to paint to. Incredibly, over 1000 messages between Denise, John and I were exchanged regarding every aspect of the collaboration.
Denise and her Husband John were in studio to witness the painting come to life in real time.
Our collaboration was handed over to Denise during an Exhibition in Kells, Co. Kilkenny in 2016.

Denise revealed our project gave her something positive to focus on during a very dark period and it helped in a small way in her ongoing recovery. Denise has since gone on to further education qualifying as a Beauty Therapist & Aesthetician, culminating in the co-ownership of B-fab Beauty Clinic with her business partner Breda in Paulstown, Kilkenny, Ireland.

I painted to this song a second time in 2019 as I developed my Art from curved canvas into Vinyl-esque design pieces with laser etched centrepiece, Box framed and finished with Zero Glass. Scroll through the pics of our journey and watch the video of the Vinyl-esque piece being created to Denis’s beautiful recording.