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We can all agree that Covid-19 Lockdowns have been the bane of our lives, particularly if you’ve been kept apart from family and friends for long periods. Why not organise a family or group performance which I can paint to retrospectively? A permanent, beautiful reminder of the fun you had together in that special moment in time. Contact us for further info and/or to book an online consultancy slot. Demonstration below.




"Dirty Old Town" - Off The Grid. February 19, 2020

“Off The Grid” are a fluid group of musicians who get together for regular sessions at Keevers Pub, in the little villiage of Faugheen, County Tipperary, Ireland.
I have History in the area. I lived happily here from the Age of 9-12. Having made contact with the new owners of my childhood home and discovering their musical prowess, I set about making Faugheen the setting for my first group collaboration.
My brief for the project was to work with the musicians in recording a song they love, Live, and in one take, and to include on film everyone who turned up on the night for posterity.
The painting would take place in one take at a later date in Studio where I was delighted to have some of the participants witness the painting coming to life.
The goal was to give a small insight into the classic Irish Session and how these musicians work together, playing with and off eachother. Note: It’s apparent in the Video some people who turned up on the night didn’t quite know what was going on, but this is the nature of the work – A live recording in an Irish pub, celebrating a moment in time.
The colours chosen by the musicians are symbolic of the fireside where they have spent many happy hours playing for the patrons of Keevers and themselves.
As a bonus track on the video I recorded (Or rather left the camera on the mantlepiece) the group singing Sliabh na mban.
This was recorded a month before the first Covid-19 Lockdown in Ireland and is a reminder of how things were and what we hope to get back to.
“Chris’s influence on us as a group has been to make us realise how special and unique our session is. No two nights are the same and the “one take” element captures this. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Watching Chris paint was memorable and linked us, the musicians, to the finished piece. I am delighted with how it turned out. We very often sing on Winter’s nights round a fire and the Colours we chose represent that. I wish Chris every success. His enthusiasm is both boundless and contagious.” Maria O’ Shea-Enright – Off The Grid.