Denise Scott – Butterfly

Before Denise came along I was experimenting and creating amoeba shaped forms only, until she asked me to make a butterfly to commemorate her brother Niall who had passed away due to an R.T.A. in 2015.

Denise also asked me would I mind if she went to the recording studio and recorded “Dancing in the sky” for me to paint to. Mind? I was completely blown away by her commitment to the project.

We discussed the size the piece was to be, crafting constraints, settled on a design and selected the colours to be used. Denise went into the recording studio and beautifully recorded “Dancing in the sky”.

Denise and her husband John came into studio to watch the painting coming to life (In one take.) Before a painting is created, I will have gone through numerous rehearsals so I can get a picture in my mind of what colours to use at what stages of the song (This may change during the spontaneous painting process). This looks a little odd as it is essentially painting without paint.

Every collaboration is hugely symbolic and that symbolism is taken into account throughout the process. In the background of the video of “Dancing in the sky” there is a photograph of Niall so he is there in spirit as the painting “happens” to the music. Also in the above photograph are some “Thank You” cards from previous clients.

Here is the complete video of the action painting to Denise’s rendition of “Dancing in the sky.” What music would you hang on YOUR wall?