Yin Yang – Review

This piece truely evolved from humble beginnings into a spectacular 17 piece installation. It simply celebrates family life and features music important to the Bakers – “The Universal” – Blur, and “Uncertain Smile” – The The.

It’s always nice to have others speak well of your work so please take the time to watch the short (40 second) video below and read the subsequent review.

Background music “Samhradh Samhradh” – The Gloaming

Review: by Mat Baker….

I remember the first time I saw Chris’s work. It was online. And I did not like it.
I admired him, as I would anyone trying to make it as an artist; it is a hard slog. The paintings though – they didn’t appeal to me at all. And then he popped in one day for a cup of tea (and cake – he is a sucker for sweet baked goods) and he had his latest offering in his van. He asked if he should bring it in, and well, what could I say but yes? I was a little apprehensive, as I am not great at being disingenuous, and I was expecting to have to fake some praise.

I was wrong.

You see, it’s more than just a painting. It’s a collaboration with a story behind it. There is a tactile nature to his work; you have to touch it. The frames are curved, most of them, and I defy you not to want to reach out and use another sense to appreciate what he creates.

So we started talking about a commission.
This was all new for me. I had once considered commissioning another artist that I once knew, but I never followed it up. Having experienced one of Chris’s paintings as a third party, I wanted to immerse myself in the process and own one for myself. For us, because as it evolved – and it really did – it became something that my whole family embraced.
I think that the process is the same, and different, every single time. Chris led the process. We met up a few times (cake was always involved) and spoke about the project in an abstract manner. There was no rush, and the more we spoke, the more I knew that we would create something brilliant.

You see, even though Chris did the lion’s share of the work – and my, work hard he did – it is a joint project. The piece kept evolving and changing, pretty much every aspect of it, and as a client, I always felt that Chris would only be truly happy if we were.

I imagined a shape for the painting, and internetted away until I found what was in my mind’s eye – a “hippy sun” and sent it to Chris. I could tell that he was excited as he understood what I had in mind, and from that moment on, I was hooked. It became a long and compelling experience as the creative process took shape.

The day of the abstract part of the paintings (we had two components, forming the body of the sun) was a real experience. Looking at the frame, still incomplete, was exciting enough, but seeing Chris get in a zone as he created the two paintings was truly a sight to behold, and suddenly, the process became serious. Chris is such an easy-going guy that to see him transform into an actual artist in front of our eyes was almost a shock.

Chris invests so much of himself in his work. I know it might sound trite, but when you get a piece from Lanigan Abstract, you get a piece of Chris, too.

Even after the main body was painted it still took some time for the painting to be installed in our home as Chris strived for perfection. And it sits in pride of place, utterly dominating our living room. So many visitors have been struck by it. It means so much to us, because it is about us and of us, and will follow us, wherever we go.

It was a wonderful experience, from start to finish. I can’t recommend both what Chris does and who Chris is enough.

He is an Artist.