One of the loveliest things that was ever said about my work was from a visitor to a clients home. “I don’t know what it is but I can’t stop looking at it.” The owner of the piece was then able to relay their story of collaboration and the musical choices that  inspired the piece and were significant to them. Collaborations ensure the final piece ALWAYS has a story – It’s not just paint on canvas. Have you ever imagined what your favourite song(s) or music would look like on your wall? 

My name is Chris Lanigan and I am an Abstract Artist with a B.A in Industrial Design.

Working closely with each client, I design & create BESPOKE curved canvas wall installations.Collaborations are truly cherished by the owner as they have input throughout the design process including watching the piece being created via web link. Bespoke installation clients receive this video as part of their final package resulting in owning a multi media art experience.

To date I have painted for many music inspired reasons celebrating fun, light hearted stories/moments to helping clients cope with loss and everything in between. 

Take time to browse through the site, including case studies and gallery to gain more insight and please contact me to find out more about owning or gifting YOUR Lanigan Abstract Installation.

If you like the concept but traditionally shaped canvases are your thing, this can be catered for also with bespoke originals AND/OR canvas prints. If you’re thinking “Hmmmm, Maybe,….But..” please get in touch. Collaboration and each unique individual journey it takes me on is my thing!

Short video of my recent exhibition of borrowed back curved canvas pieces, each with their owners unique music related story attached….6×3 canvas print @ 21 seconds..